LEAVES Website for Sept-Oct 2021 Issue

Excerpted from “Leaflets” column:

          The Holy Father’s September Apostleship of Prayer intention is for: “An environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We pray that we all will make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, rejoicing in our young people who are resolutely committed to this.” There are times when a child will lead the way and when it comes to protecting the environment, this may often be the case.

Those who lived through the depression and World Wars I and II had to repurpose and reuse many everyday items. There were scrap metal collection efforts. Shortages on gasoline meant that cars were driven  only when necessary. Even in urban areas people used their tiny front yards to grow vegetables to supplement the restricted allotments on certain foods. Even pieces of aluminum foil were used over and over again.

Growing up during these times had a significant impact on people of that era. They took great care of their belongings because they could not afford to replace them. Most did not have the means to overindulge on food or to purchase things that were not essential.

Fast food was not available for most people. A typical family treat may have been a picnic lunch packed at home and enjoyed at a local park. There were no water parks for children. Families would spend the day swimming in the ocean, a lake or a river. A health spa may have been a natural spring used to help ease the suffering of the sick.

To be sure there are untold benefits we experience today. So many cures and preventatives are available today that give people additional years to enjoy life with loved ones. Workplaces are much safer today than they were in the past. Keeping in touch with family and friends is instantaneous from the palm of your hand.

Still, pollution rears its ugly head in so many ways. The throw-away culture leads to ever-growing mounds of garbage in landfills across the nation. Air, water and land are contaminated with overuse of chemicals.

Noise overload invades even the most serene of places. Emissions raise smoggy clouds in urban and suburban areas. Deforestation can lead to dangerous mudslides.

There are many things that we can do as individuals do to help the environment. First and foremost we must heighten our awareness that whatever we do has consequences. Walking to the store instead of driving saves fuel while providing needed exercise.

One thing we might consider is using cloth napkins and towels instead of paper ones. Using energy efficient lightbulbs lowers our energy consumption and our utility costs. A shower uses less water than a bath. Landscaping that uses native plants requires less water and effort to maintain and can be just as beautiful.

It is incredibly easy to purchase things on the internet. Do we think about whether what we buy is absolutely necessary? Would it be better to buy locally to support the local economy and not have to ship things long distance, causing ever more crowded roads and increased fossil fuel consumption?

Creatures large and small deserve care and protection. Are designer pets a good idea when there are so many dogs, cats and other animals waiting in shelters for forever homes? Can we do something to help protect endangered species?

Sharing resources with those less fortunate should be second nature to us. How can we in good conscience ignore the vulnerable when we enjoy a safe and warm home with more than enough to eat? We are all children of God and families must look out for one another.

Lastly, and most importantly, we should pray for our precious, beautiful earth. This treasure has been created by God and given to our care. We must appreciate it and cherish it for the stupendous gift that it is.

As Pope Francis advised us: “The pandemic has brought us to a crossroads. We must use this decisive moment to end our superfluous and destructive goals and activities, and to cultivate values, connections and activities that are life giving” (Message for World Day of Prayer for the Care
of Creation, 9-1-2020).
For more in-depth information on the Holy Father’s teaching on the environment, please read his entire encyclical entitled Laudato si at
HYPERLINK "http://www.laudatosi.va"www.laudatosi.va. In it, Pope Francis reminds us that “An ‘ecological conversion’ can lead to recognizing ‘the world is God’s loving gift,’ and to moving towards ‘growth marked by moderation.’ Integral ecology requires ‘an attitude of the heart’ ” (HYPERLINK "http://www.laudatosi.va"www.laudatosi.va). Surely a lesson we all might take to heart.

May God grant you abundant blessings always – Fr. Thomas Heier, C.M.M.

Excerpted from “Our Family Album”:

Treasured Medal Found

I have received LEAVES magazine for a long time and always look forward to each issue. I find encouragement, strength and peace as I read each issue from front to back. I am sending a donation in thanksgiving to Ss. Jude and Anthony, my guardian angel and the Blessed Mother for answered prayer.

In June of 2020 I misplaced my Miraculous Medal and chain that I have worn for years. I loved it and believed in the graces attached to it, to those who wear it with faith. I prayed and looked for it daily. My husband also wore the same medal and chain, which broke the day before the feast day of St. Jude. He wore that medal even before we were married, which is now more than 33 years ago.

In the meantime I obtained a new medal to wear that I attached to my Brown Scapular. Now my husband needed a new one, too. On the feast of St. Jude my four-way silver chain and medal was found in a pocket of clothing. I rejoiced and strongly felt that it was due to St. Jude, St. Anthony, my guardian angel and the Blessed Mother.

My husband now wears my found medal. It is blessed. Thanks to Ss. Jude and Anthony, my guardian angel and the Blessed Mother – Kathleen P.

Thanks Offered

What can I say to you except, “Thanks!”

After three days of looking everywhere, all the purse sections, not once, but again and again, tote bags, all of them, at least a couple times, the trunk of my Buick, on the floor, on the counter, behind stuffed animals, I decided that is it! No more looking. Jesus has heard my prayers, so the answer is for my good, not now, something to learn, maybe?

So, today, I am walking to my bedroom and the Holy Spirit whispers, “Look in the multi-colored jacket.” Prior to this I had also checked the sweater outfit I wore the day I couldn’t find my keys. I totally missed checking the multi-colored jacket that I had worn earlier in the week. I had checked the pants several times.

So, heeding the Holy Spirit, I checked my jacket. In the second pocket there were my keys. Oh, the joy and thanksgiving coming from me! I had grocery shopped that day and evidently was weighed down with bags of groceries and I didn’t know where to put my keys, so I put them in the pocket.

My donation is for the poor – Faye.

Gratitude to St. Jude

Please accept my donation in honor of St. Jude who fulfilled my novena to him. I have been ill and hospitalized in Las Vega where my son resides. I have prayed so hard for recovery and I am on the road to wellness.

In 2007 I wrote about my request to St. Jude for my husband’s surgical recovery. His recovery occurred on the last day of the novena.

I am so very grateful to St. Jude and all those who prayed for me. Being 83 years old and now the matriarch of the family, God knows I still belong here on this earth. Having lost a baby boy, a 45-year-old daughter and my husband, it is my desire to be the best mom and grandmother that I can to my wonderful son and daughter who have always been there for me.

In spite of my losses, I am ever so blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. Thank you to Mariannhill for your missionary works and God bless you all – Anne L.

Excerpted from Blessed Engelmar Testimonies:

A Life of
Blessed Engelmar

There is now available a booklet of the life of Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig, C.M.M. You may receive a free copy of it by sending a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

This is just another thank you for the Novena to Bl. Engelmar and a thank you to other saints who have helped get my grandson a job. He has Asperger’s! I prayed to Fr. Engelmar 14 years ago and his mother got a job! – Sally T.

+     +     +

This donation is for a special prayer for my son who fell off a ladder while painting his house. He has a very serious brain injury. Please pray that he will wake up soon and be okay and that he will be able to move his right side. I also pray the Fr. Engelmar novena – Name Withheld

+     +     +

My son needs prayers for his health and finances. Fr. Engelmar is wonderful! St. Philomena and the entire body of saints always help. I am requesting prayers. Please, Fr. Engelmar, help Jeff – Name Withheld.

+     +     +

I promised recognition for favors received. Bl. Engelmar’s novena always comes through for me. Also, thanksgiving and praise to the Blessed Mother, Ss. Pio, Anne, Therese, Joseph, Jude, Anthony, Dymphna, Peregrine, Francis and Morris. My saints are my friends – Name Withheld.

Novena in Honor of
Abbot Francis Pfanner

Abbot Francis Pfanner founded Mariannhill Monastery, and 100 years ago its monks became the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill. He was not only a great missionary, but also a holy man. The cause for his beatification has begun. We have available a novena in his honor and will send you a free copy of it when you send a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

Prayer of Pope Francis
For the Environment

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe and in the smallest of your creatures.

You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.

Pour out upon us the power of your love,
that we may protect life and beauty.

Fill us with peace, that we may live
as brothers and sisters, harming no one.

O God of the poor,
help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this earth, so precious in your eyes.

Bring healing to our lives,
that we may protect the world and not prey on it,
that we may sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.

Touch the hearts
of those who look only for gain
at the expense of the poor and the earth.

Teach us to discover the worth of each thing,
to be filled with awe and contemplation,
to recognize that we are profoundly united
with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

We thank you for being with us each day.
Encourage us, we pray, in our struggle
for justice, love and peace.
HYPERLINK "http://www.laudatosi.va"www.laudatosi.va)

Prayer to St. Joseph

O God, who by your ineffable providence did vouchsafe to choose the blessed Joseph for the spouse of your most holy Mother; grant, we beseech you, that he whom we venerate as our protector on earth may be our intercessor in heaven, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Seven Sundays
Devotion to St. Joseph

Receive Holy Communion on seven consecutive Sundays while offering prayers in honor of Joseph’s seven joys and seven sorrows.

The Sorrows of St. Joseph

1. His doubts about Mary
2. His pain at the lowly poverty of Jesus’ birthplace.
3. Watching the circumcision, Jesus’ first blood spilled for us.
4. Listening to the painful prophetic message from Simeon.
5. Having to take the Holy Family into exile.
6. The hard trip back from Egypt.
7. The loss of Jesus for three days.

The Joys of St. Joseph

1. The angel’s message of joy.
2. The Savior’s birth.
3. Having the honor of naming Jesus.
4. Knowing the effects of Jesus’ redemptive work.
5. The idols of Egypt fell at Jesus’ feet.
6. Holy life with Jesus and Mary.
7. Finding Jesus after three days.

Out on the Porch
By Lucia Haase

Out on the porch the evening sun subsides
and now the sky, a watercolor painting,
withholds my gaze. A rainbow, like tinting
into dusk, begins to fade and abides
in shadows fallen. The breeze encompasses
my being and I’m stirred, as though the trees
leaf by leaf are of inner near and distant lees —
He knows them all. In quiet trumpeting
the evening is itself a tranquil prayer.
The chirping birds I heard before now nest,
and I know — of all this — He is aware.
I fold my hands and praise as I know best
and thank Him for His ever-loving care,
as night succumbs in peaceful star-lit rest.

The Fire of His Love
By Margaret Peterson

Unless we draw near to the Fire of His love
That burns for you and me,
We can’t be happy in our life,
Though we live it so gracefully.

What you desire is nothing compared to
The wonders that God has in store
For those who love Him and tenderly follow
The Christ whom angels adore.