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No. 38b

In my November article I promised to write about the four Pontifical Works for the Missions.  The following description is from the Vatican website, but shortened and adapted.

THE PONTIFICAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH has the goal of opening every believer’s heart to the vastness of the missionary horizon through spiritual and material support for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God.  It promotes missionary spirituality and universal solidarity through contributions to the Universal Solidarity Fund for the evangelization of the world, in a special way on World Mission Day, which is celebrated on the next-to-last Sunday of October.  Its International Secretariat has the task to urge the local Churches to be open to universal missionary cooperation and to distribute in the Pope’s name what is collected around the world during World Mission Day.

THE PONTIFICAL SOCIETY OF SAINT PETER THE APOSTLE promotes awareness in the Christian communities regarding the need to develop the local clergy and consecrated life in the recently founded missionary churches.  It collects and distributes financial aid to support the seminaries and formation houses of the young men and women religious in collaboration with the local Christian communities and under the guidance of their pastors.  The Ordinary Subsidies are given for the support of the seminarians and the men and women novices; the Extraordinary Subsidies for building new seminaries and for the self-financing projects of the already existing ones; scholarships and holy Mass intentions to support the formators and their programs of study.

THE PONTIFICAL SOCIETY OF THE HOLY CHILDHOOD has as its goals to meet the spiritual and material needs of all children so that they can live worthily as real children of God, to raise children’s awareness of their neighbor’s needs and teach them the value and power of solidarity and reciprocal support, and to make a missionary spirit germinate in children that will accompany them throughout their lives and make them valid and responsible members of society.

The children of the Missionary Childhood pray every day for the other children and for the spread of the Gospel message.  The children’s sacrifices and “gifts” are collected by the National Directions present in the respective countries and sent to the Missionary Childhood Universal Solidarity Fund to be redistributed to millions of needy children in every corner of the world.

THE PONTIFICAL MISSIONARY UNION has as its specific purpose to increase missionary work and expand the missions through the direct commitment of those, like the Apostles, who have received the call: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt 28:19).  The goal of its work is not only to make known the progress of faith around the world and to help the missionaries through prayers and offerings but, above all, to support and put the Church in a position to carry out her evangelization task with more missionaries, the indigenous clergy and committed lay persons.

Mary, Mother of the Church, stir up in your faithful a true missionary spirit so that they will cooperate in the work of evangelization