LEAVES Website for May-June 2020 Issue

Excerpted from “Leaflets” column:

       June is the month of the Sacred Heart. June’s prayer intention of the Holy Father is to “pray that all those who suffer may find their way in life, allowing themselves to be touched by the Heart of Jesus.”

Those who suffer may find difficulty in focusing on anything other than their pain. The Heart of Jesus overflows with such love for us that we cannot help but feel comfort, even in the midst of suffering. This allows us to be free to concentrate on what is most important in life, our spiritual health and eternal wellbeing.

If the Heart of Jesus is with us and guides us, we certainly will take the road most beneficial to us. We will find strength and refreshment for the journey through life. Our suffering will not determine our path when we find respite in the Heart of Jesus.

During June, if you are suffering, offer prayers of supplication to the Sacred Heart. If you know others who suffer, raise them up in prayer to the Heart of Jesus. Remember all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

       In every issue of LEAVES magazine it is quite evident that St. Anthony of Padua is a beloved saint of many in our LEAVES family. The Church celebrates him on June 13. When memory fails us, petitions rise to dear St. Anthony. Many have found his assistance extraordinary. Items are found in places that were previously searched to no avail. One final look and the missing article is uncovered.

Sadly, many of our family and friends appear to have lost their way. Addictions steal away some and others simply drift apart from their Faith and family. Surely we can ask for St. Anthony’s intercession for lost souls, as well as for lost car keys.

The stories of St. Anthony of Padua’s intercession that appear in LEAVES provide clear evidence and encouragement for all that prayer is efficacious. Of course, we pray for God’s will always, but we know well the value of begging those closest to God to bring our petitions before the Lord.

How blessed are we to have our heavenly helpers in matters great and small, ordinary and extraordinary! For this great gift we offer our sincerest thanksgivings. Let us continue to keep one another in prayer. May God grant you abundant blessings always – Fr. Thomas Heier, C.M.M.

Excerpted from “Our Family Album”:

Three Rosaries in the
Life of Mary

Transferred from the surgical ward, after having back surgery, to the medical ward with paralysis of extremities and with great pain, anxiety and agitation, she was constantly calling for help. She was in need of a lot of reassurances and pain killers and sedation.

About 10 days later, I came on duty, took some time to talk with her before “lights out.” I reminded her that she was never alone. God was with her, the Blessed Mother was near and her holy, guardian angel never leaves her. She seemed a bit calmer.

The next evening I asked her if she had a rosary. She began to cry and told me to get her purse. In it was a beautiful pink rosary, but it was broken. She said that her grandmother had given her the rosary long ago.

The following evening before duty, I slipped a pink, plastic-cord rosary into my pocket and gave it to her at bedtime. She took it with a calm look on her face. That night we witnessed a miracle. Mary held the rosary in her hands for the rest of the night, after falling asleep peacefully.

The nursing aides and I noticed that the call light never went on for the rest of the night. We kept checking and happily reported this to the night supervisor. I went off duty and Mary was still sleeping!

From then on Mary’s nights were peaceful. Gradually she improved and was able to sit up in a chair even. I was on duty the day she was transferred to the nursing home. She became very anxious with “the fear of the unknown.” Since I lived close by, I promised to come visit her.

It was the day after Mother’s Day that I walked over to the nursing home. I was surprised to see her in her wheelchair nicely dressed and groomed and smiling. She asked me to come to her room a few doors away. Before I could utter a word, she said, “Look what the children gave me for Mother’s Day!” There, on the dresser in a white open box, lay a lovely, large-beaded rosary! The color? Why, pink of course! – Olga K.

Guidance Needed
For Next Phase of Life

My donation is for a Mass for my husband who passed away. We did not hold any services, as per his request, so I thought it would be nice to have a Mass said for him.

Jim was in a nursing home for six months after he had a stroke. I would get out of work and go to the nursing home. The nursing home taught me how to care for him in our home. I prayed daily to God to give me the strength to get through every day when I was taking care of him.

It was hard to see my husband sick because he was always there for me. Jim had diabetes, a stroke and multiple heart attacks, one of which ultimately ended his life. My son had to try to revive his dad until the rescue personnel came. My son had taken EMS classes, which was a big help in taking care of his dad.

I enjoyed being there for my husband as wife/caregiver. We had 31 wonderful years of marriage. I wish we could have had many more years together. I kept saying prayers after my husband passed away that he would watch over my son and me. I want to be around for my son. He means to the world to me.

I keep praying to God to give me the guidance to help me find something to do with my life after my husband’s passing. I keep my husband in my thoughts and prayers every day.

I made a novena to St. Therese and one to Fr. Engelmar to help me get through all the paperwork after Jim passed away. I have been receiving confirmation from everyone I had sent paperwork that it was accepted and approved – Name Withheld.

Fond of LEAVES

The first issue of LEAVES was published in July of 1938. I was born January 1938, so I feel LEAVES is especially meaningful to me. I think I have been reading it for at least 40 years or more.

LEAVES is perfect in format and in articles that anyone can enjoy and find inspiration in too. The best part is the Editor’s Desk. It helps me get into the spiritual side of life so well. It’s like having a spiritual director.

Also I always look for any item in regard to St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. I have kept the issue with the Holy Face of Manoppello on the front cover and placed it on my prayer table. I wonder if anyone noticed the tears welling in the eyes of Jesus and, as seen so clearly, the facial injuries too. It gives me much reason to meditate on the Passion of our Lord. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about His humility and kindness to us all.

My youngest sister died of lung cancer. So now there are only four of mom’s children still on earth. We miss Margaret Mary very much. She left behind six grown/married children and eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild, as well as many other relatives and friends. Meg would have been 68 years old. She was very cheerful and kind.

It has been four years since my dear husband died. I miss him, but God has sent me a wonderful friend whose wife had died two years ago. We met at a Grief Group dinner at the Knights of Columbus hall. I am doing well and we have a good relationship. He is also Catholic, so I have been attending Sunday Mass with him.

Thank you again for LEAVES. I also thank God and all the people who pray for the readers and the hungry, little children of the world too – Shirley B.

Excerpted from Blessed Engelmar Testimonies:

A Life of
Blessed Engelmar

There is now available a booklet of the life of Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig, C.M.M. You may receive a free copy of it by sending a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

It is only right that I acknowledge a series of favors I feel that Fr. Engelmar Unzeitig has intervened with God to grant me. I have a daughter and a son-in-law living in my house. They foolishly quit work in another state and moved in here. Their presence doesn’t bother me, but they didn’t find work for a long time. I finally thought to make a little offering to LEAVES, hoping it would, so to speak, catch the good Father’s attention. I came home one day shortly afterwards, and the son-in-law had gotten work at an area college.

But there is more!

My wife of 44 years died suddenly. One never knows how much you miss someone so close until it happens; then you are consumed with loss. Seems the school (a Catholic college) where my son-in-law had found work treated the period of mourning rather cavalierly, and he reacted to this. As a result, he was out of work again. So again, I entreated Fr. Engelmar and sent LEAVES some money. Both the daughter and the son-in-law landed jobs almost immediately afterwards. In the economy that existed at the time, this was no trivial happening. Both are still working.

But there’s more!

Nine months after my wife died, I got diagnosed with cancer. Odd to say, I was almost indifferent. I missed my wife and thought that, either I’d survive, or I wouldn’t, in which case I’d be with her. But as the diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and rehab ran their courses, I called on the Father often and, more, I’d acknowledge Jesus was backing my every move.

I seldom prayed for survival, but I always prayed that Christ would help me deal with whatever I was handed. In any event, along with prayers, when something could come up, I’d memorialize it with a small donation to LEAVES. At this point they say I am cancer free. I am glad now, not so indifferent. However, I am facing the first of many follow-up checkups. I will follow the same spiritual track I have described above with these: prayer, hope and a small donation.

By the way, as a Catholic, I am taught and believe heaven is the be-all and end-all of our existence. Can anyone explain why we creatures use all our resources, prayers and hopes to stay here on earth? – T.B.C.

Novena in Honor of
Abbot Francis Pfanner

Abbot Francis Pfanner founded Mariannhill Monastery, and 111 years ago its monks became the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill. He was not only a great missionary, but also a holy man. The cause for his beatification has begun. We have available a novena in his honor and will send you a free copy of it when you send a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

A Prayer for
The Mentally Ill

Dear Heavenly Father, you know the torments of the mentally ill, both their secret torments and the obvious ones. We pray today for a perfect cure for all mental illnesses, as medicine is not perfect and often is detrimental. Comfort the afflicted and show them your love and compassion, and especially send them a speedy, perfect cure.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

The Way of Joseph Prayer

St. Joseph, guide us, everyone,
To Mary and her loving Son.
As taught Him, teach us today
To walk your peaceful, work-wise way.

Insomniac’s Prayer
By Cindy Evans

For whoever enters God’s rest also ceases from his labors as God did from his.
(Heb 4:10, RSV)

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

I pray these words as I lie down
and darkness and quiet are all around.

If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Eyes closed, head on my pillow,
perhaps tonight to sleep I’ll go.

Wanting dreams but they don’t come,
Counting sheep up
to a huge sum,

Lord, I surrender. Lord, I give in.
Can I just be in Your company then?

Let me rest in Your presence and peace
and may my anxious thoughts now cease,

and when the morning comes too soon,
may my life and strength be found in You.

By Margaret Peterson

High up in the heavens somewhere,
High above the skies,
A land of beauteous splendor awaits,
A land called Paradise.

It waits for those who trusted in God
When times were hard to bear;
It waits for those who spread His word
And try to show they care.

It’s far beyond our thought or word,
Beyond anticipation,
Yet quite within the range of each
In every land and nation.

Don’t give up if times are hard
And filled with tears and sighs.
A great reward is waiting for you
In a land called Paradise.

Troubled Heart
By Bernice Laux

When your heart is troubled
and none seems to care,
don’t believe it for a moment.
Remember, God is there.

If trouble gets you down
and life does seem so bleak,
lift your eyes to heaven.
The face of God now seek.

You will know He’s with you
and peace will fill your heart,
so then believe in Him
and try to do your part.

He never will forsake you –
that’s a promise He has made.
He will ease your troubled heart
as away all problems fade.