LEAVES Website for September-October 2019 Issue

Excerpted from “Leaflets” column:

World Mission Sunday is on Oct. 20, 2019. This annual celebration has continued since 1926. On this day the faithful are encouraged to offer prayers and assistance for the missions. Whether lay or religious, we all are required to participate in the Church’s mission work. The theme for this year is “Baptized and Sent: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World.”

Pope Francis has asked that each one of us focus our attention on and renew our commitment to the Church’s missionary work during the month of October. As the Holy Father reminds us: “Through our communion with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we, together with so many of our other brothers and sisters, are born to new life. This divine life is not a product for sale … but a treasure to be given, communicated and proclaimed: that is the meaning of mission.”

The Pope goes on to say: “Hope opens us up to the eternal horizons of the divine life that we share. Charity, of which we have a foretaste in the sacraments and in fraternal love, impels us to go forth to the ends of the earth. A Church that presses forward to the farthest frontiers requires a constant and ongoing missionary conversion.”

Mariannhill is a Pontifical Mission Society. Pope Francis delivered a message about these societies: “The Pontifical Mission Societies serve the Church’s universality as a global network of support for the Pope in his missionary commitment by prayer, the soul of mission, and charitable offerings from Christians throughout the world.”

The Mariannhill missionaries are only able to support this vital endeavor of mission work through the help and assistance of our dear friends, especially the LEAVES family. Your spirit and support propel us to complete our commission. You have our heartfelt thanks for all your encouragement and we beg for your prayers, especially this October, as we strive to faithfully execute the will of God.

Let us pray together the Entrance Antiphon for Mass for the Evangelization of Peoples: “O God, be gracious and bless us, and let your face shed its light upon us, and have mercy. So will your ways be known upon earth and all nations learn your salvation.” Amen.

October is the month of the Rosary. Many of our dear LEAVES family members already pray the Rosary regularly. God bless you for your faithful celebration of this beautiful devotion. Praying the Rosary helps us to focus on the life of our Lord.

During the month of October, perhaps we all might try to pray at least one Rosary for the intentions of our dear LEAVES family. Surely the Lord will hear our supplications on behalf of one another. May God grant you abundant blessings always - Fr. Thomas Heier, C.M.M.

Excerpted from “Our Family Album”:

St. Therese Assists in a
Terrible Situation

I am now 14 years old and I am alive only through the intercession of St. Therese. About four years ago my parents were going through a divorce. My father used to sexually abuse me, and there was a strong possibility that I would have to live with him. There were also other domestic problems.

My mother was unemployed and we didn’t have much money. My mother and I didn’t always get along very well. I thought about suicide often. However, I would pray to St. Therese every night before I went to bed.

One day, when I was alone, I was about to kill myself. Part of me was still unsure and I cried out to St. Therese. I heard a voice telling me not to do it and that everything would be all right.

I replaced the knife and thanked St. Therese. I continued praying to St. Therese to improve my domestic conditions. Within a week my mother received a job offer. Now four years later, things are 100% better.

Our financial situation is not perfect, but it is much better. My mother and I are best friends. The divorce went through and my father wasn’t even granted visitation rights. Thank you, St. Therese - Name Withheld.

Saints Provide Assistance

Thanking God ahead of time with a donation to LEAVES. I am praying the Rosary and also praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Lourdes, Ss. Therese, Rita, Joseph and Bl. Solanus Casey. I am praying about my housing situation, emotional problems, a nervous habit and weight problems.

I have received many graces in the past through praying the Rosary and praying to Ss. Therese and Anne. Saints I didn’t even pray to have let me know that they have helped me. I am grateful for their assistance.

Thank you for LEAVES magazine and the opportunity to publicly thank God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother, Ss. Therese, Anne and the many saints who have helped me throughout my life - Name Withheld.

Get Behind Me, Satan!

We usually go to Saturday night Mass on the weekend. One weekend we went on Sunday morning instead, and before Mass a gentleman of the parish said the Rosary, ending with the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

When we got home and opened the door to the house, there was the most nauseating smell, as if there were a dozen dead mice. I mentioned it to my husband, but he didn’t smell anything. I checked the basement and upstairs and couldn’t find the cause. I opened doors and windows and lit a scented candle.

I called a plumber friend of ours and asked if it could be sewer gas. He stopped by and couldn’t smell anything, and then I remembered something that our pastor said had happened to him.

After our church’s Spring Festival that had been held on a Friday night, during the middle of the night the police woke up our pastor and told him that the fire alarm had gone off in the parish center. They checked and everything was okay. He told us on Sunday that he says the long version of the prayer to St. Michael when he counsels parishioners who have problems. He said that, when unusual things happen after saying the St. Michael prayer, Satan is letting you know he is upset.

So, Satan, I got the message, but I will continue to pray to St. Michael as I always have. Get behind me, Satan! - Patricia S. P.S. I have enjoyed LEAVES for many years!

Excerpted from Blessed Engelmar Testimonies:

A Life of
Blessed Engelmar

There is now available a booklet of the life of Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig, C.M.M. You may receive a free copy of it by sending a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

This donation is in thanksgiving to St. Mary, St. Joseph and Bl. Engelmar for begging God to relieve my mother’s pain and for granting my son the job he wanted. It took about a year for my requests to be granted. Thank you, God - Marilyn.

+     +     +

Since I started saying the novena every month in 2012, when I ordered my first Fr. Engelmar novena booklet, my brother has STILL been well! I started saying the novena in desperation. My brother, who is bipolar, was in and out of many mental wards for over four months. Nothing seemed to stabilize his mood.

Ever since November of 2012 (after I said the novena) to the present, my brother has been well and stable. He has lived in his own apartment for two and a half years. He has been able to keep his job and he works full-time. He recently bought a nice car without any help from me!

Thank you to Bl. Engelmar and to the Mariannhill Fathers for this extraordinary devotion and for making it available. The DVDs about Fr. Engelmar’s life are very good.

Whenever I pray for the intercession of Bl. Engelmar, I also feel that his sisters, family, congregation and comrades [in the concentration camp] are praying too. I am traveling to Germany and hope to visit Dachau.

The prayers bring me closer to Jesus every time I pray them. I believe my brother’s wellness is a miracle. He continues to take his medicine and to stay motivated to be healthy and in a stable mood, hopefully for the rest of his life - Mrs. Patricia W.

Novena in Honor of
Abbot Francis Pfanner

Abbot Francis Pfanner founded Mariannhill Monastery, and 110 years ago its monks became the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill. He was not only a great missionary, but also a holy man. The cause for his beatification has begun. We have available a novena in his honor and will send you a free copy of it when you send a stamped (postage for one ounce), self-addressed envelope to us at: LEAVES, P.O. Box 87, Dearborn, MI 48121-0087.

Blessing of St. Francis

The Lord bless you and keep you.
May He show His face to you and have mercy.
May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.
The Lord bless you.

St. Francis of Assisi, Pray for Us! Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony

O holy St. Anthony, gentlest of saints, your love for God and charity for His creatures made you worthy when on earth to possess miraculous powers. Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore of you to obtain for me (name your request here).

The answer to my prayer may require a miracle. Even so, you are the saint of miracles. O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus who loved to be folded into your arms and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours.


(Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers, © USCCB)

Lord God, whose days are without end and whose mercies beyond counting, keep us mindful that life is short and the hour of death unknown.

Let your Spirit guide our days on earth in the ways of holiness and justice, that we may serve you in union with the whole Church, sure in faith, strong in hope, perfected in love.

And when our earthly journey is ended, lead us rejoicing into your kingdom, where you live forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Mary,
Mother of the Church and Mother of Our faith
By Pope Francis

Mother, help our faith!
Open our ears to hear God’s word and to recognize His voice and call.
Awaken in us a desire to follow in His footsteps, to go forth from our own land and to receive His promise.
Help us to be touched by His love, that we may touch Him in faith.
Help us to entrust ourselves fully to Him and to believe in His love, especially at times of trial, beneath the shadow of the cross, when our faith is called to mature.
Sow in our faith the joy of the Risen One.
Remind us that those who believe are never alone.
Teach us to see all things with the eyes of Jesus, that He may be light for our path. And may this light of faith always increase in us, until the dawn of that undying day which is Christ himself, your Son, our Lord! (6/29/13)

Wisdom from Pope Francis

“The Holy Mother of God herself experienced the hardship of exile. To her maternal intercession we entrust the hopes of all the world’s migrants and refugees and the aspirations of the communities which welcome them, so that, responding to the Lord’s supreme commandment, we may all learn to love the other, the stranger, as ourselves.”

A Special Place
By Patricia C. Gibson

There is a place in heaven / where special people go, / surrounded by angelic beings / so lovely to behold.

They minister so sweetly / with songs of healing love, / caressing those who enter / in the higher realms of God.

Perfect peace, perfect joy / and serenity abound / where gentle hope and happiness / walk softly hand in hand.

All pain, all fear, all brokenness / of spirit is erased / by magnificent holy presences / of God’s most merciful grace.

In golden misty showers / with rays of silvery blue / He wraps me in His tender love, / as I await His truth.

The truth that shows this special place, / where precious ones reside. / We take our place, then see God’s face / with our Lady by His side.

Leave It in God’s Hands
By Melua Weiman

I hate to make this announcement,
My dear and precious child.
You have been diagnosed with cancer;
It’s in your body spreading wild.

I am speechless, breathless
And encompassed in fear.
I am so dizzy ...;
Must hold on to something near.

O Lord, please don’t leave me;
I can’t do this alone!
Why are You testing me?
So loudly do I moan.

I see the cross upon the wall,
Jesus looking down on me.
The rosary on the night stand
Will be my companion for my long journey.

Please, Lord, give me courage
To fight the fight.
If it be Your will,
Then prepare me for the flight.

Lord, thank You for the kind doctors and nurses
That bravely hold our hand,
Just as You carried Your cross
When You walked upon the land.

Remember, O Lord, my family
That are hurting silently in pain.
May Your loving arms embrace us
With peace, love and acceptance without blame. 

I’m Blessed
By Mrs. Norma N. Poblete

I pray You, Almighty Lord,
Forgive the sins I don’t avoid,
And in Your loving heart, my God, You hold
The warmth of love that I’ve been told.

I never seem to care You died for me.
You bore the crown of thorns they placed on Thee.
Bearing the heavy cross unto Calvary,
You took my place and died instead of me.

I beg of You, asking for grace,
Complacency; I am obsessed.
Open my eyes so I can give You praise.
Dear Lord, I thank You for I’m blessed.

The Truth of
Our Discussion
By EG Ted Davis

How long are you going to be
before the overbearing pressures of this life
make you fall to your knees,
face to the dirt - and you truly see
the HE as He’s meant to be -
and you shall recall what you and me
had the discussion about while out at sea?