Curriculum Vitae of Francis Pfanner

                              1825  Born on 20th September in Langen-Hub, near Bregenz (Austria).
                                        Parents: Francis Anton Pfanner and Anna Maria Fink.

                              1837  First Latin lessons in a neighbouring village.

                              1838  Attends Grammar School, firstly in Feldkirch, later in Innsbruck.

                              1845  Study of philosophy in Padua.

                              1846  Study of theology in Brixen.

                              1848  Long illness. Studies interrupted.

1850  Ordination to the priesthood in Brixen.
          Appointed Parish Priest in Haselstauden-Dornbirn.

1859  Appointed Father Confessor to the sisters in Agram (Croatia).
          At the same time, appointment as Extraordinary Prison Chaplain.

1862  Journey to Rome.

1863  Journey to the Holy Land.

1864  First vows at Mariawald Monastery.

1867  Leaves Mariawald to set up a monastery in Austria.
          Prolonged stay in Rome: renovation of Tre Fontane Monastery.

1869  Establishment of Mariastern Monastery, near Banja Luka (Bosnia).

1872  Appointed Prior of the Monastery.

1879  Bishop Ricards is looking to recruit monks for South Africa at Sept Fons, in France.
          Dom Francis accepts the invitation.

1880  Arrival in Dunbrody (South Africa).

1882  Establishment of Mariannhill Monastery (Durban/Natal). Publicity leaflets.
          Recruitment joumey to Europe, returns with 34 new recruits.

1884  First public baptism of black persons.

1885  Foundation of the Mariannhill Sisters of the Precious Blood.
          Appointed Abbot of Mariannhill Monastery.
          Becomes first missionary Abbot in South Africa.

1886  Building of Reichenau, the first of many outstations to come.

1890  Vice Vicar-General for the Order in South Africa.

1892  Visitation of Abbot Franciscus Strunk form Oelenberg (Alsace).
          Abbot Pfanner is suspended from office for one year.

1893  Rome accepts Pfanner’s resignation.
          Amandus Schoelzig is appointed Abbot of Mariannhill.

1894  Emmaus outstation is built (Pfanner’s last mission).

1896  First missionary attempts in Rhodesia (Triashill).

1897  Mariannhill missionaries venture into German East Africa.

1898  First Zulu priests return from Rome.

1900  Abbot Schoelzig dies of cancer.
          Successor - Gerhard Wolpert.
          Pfanner celebrates his golden jubilee.

1902  Beginning of the Monte Cassino Mission in Southern Rhodesia.

1904  Retirement of Abbot Wolpert.

1905  Edmund Obrecht (Abbot of Gethsemane/USA)
          arrives at Mariannhill as administrator.

1906  Pope Pius X approves the constitutions of the Missionary Sisters
          of the Precious Blood (02.10.1906).

1908  New beginnings of the Triashill Mission in Southern Rhodesia.

1909  Mariannhill is separated from the Trappist Order by Pius X (2nd February).
          The Missionaries of Mariannhill become independent.
          Francis Pfanner dies at Emmaus (24th May).
          His funeral takes place at Mariannhill and he is buried in the cemetery
          there on 27th May.
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