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Because there are so many other malnourished children in the archdiocese besides those at the Tshitshi schools, run by the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, they agreed to share one half of this shipment with their Sikhethimpilo Centre. The feeding project of this center is new. It targets child-headed households of the Matobo district, an area prone to drought. It assists the orphaned and vulnerable children who do not have a bread winner in their home to help with providing food.

Some of the children live with their grandparents who are not able to work in the fields or are sick and need to be cared for by the children. Each child was carefully questioned. There was urgent need to assist these children, as most of them were suffering from malnutrition.

Selection of the children for the project was done by child protection committees and school authorities. The drought had affected the community to the extent that some children, so malnourished, were collapsing during school hours. This project is the right solution to save lives of children, especially those from child-headed households.

By November, 62 households (282 children) were being fed. They are fed at school, not at home, so that they do not miss classes. Responses of community members, teachers and community leaders prove that this project has a positive impact on the children. It was noted that the children are joyful and healthy.

The school authorities mentioned that school attendance had improved dramatically because of the food aid. They stated that the performance of the children improved both in class and in extracurricular activities. Fewer cases of abuse in the villages have been reported. The explanation for this is that these children are no longer begging for food, which made them vulnerable to abuse.

With your generosity we have sent a second 40-foot container of food in December to continue these feeding programs of hungry children and even expand them, if possible. Both of these programs have been financed by your donations, and we certainly thank you for them. They will continue, God willing, only with your help again.
                        Food for Starving Children Update

UPDATE --- from LEAVES magazine March-April 2018 Issue

Feeding the Hungry Children

With God’s blessing and your financial support, we have been
able to continue to help feed hungry children in the Archdiocese
of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. A 40-foot container of 250,000
meals was shipped in May and it arrived there in August. In the
Tshitshi (boarding) schools, 370 students have meals of this food
three times a week. They testify they like it and would love to
have it every day, but the school was saving the food to make it
last until the end of the school term in December.